• Sat
    Lower Shaw Farm

    16 Animals Asia supporters who trekked together in Vietnam last Oct got together for a
    reunion at Lower Shaw Farm. It was a fantastic weekend of sharing our photos and 
    videos whilst being looked after by Matt Holland and the helpers at the farm. One special
    person called Bernie drove over from Luxembourg with a car full of 13 metal moon bear 
    cages which he had hand made. He had presented Jill Robinson with one of the money  
    box cages when we visited the moon bear rescue centre in Vietnam and we all asked if
    he could make us one too. 300 hours of hard work later they were ready. We paid £60
    each for the cages and Bernie kindly donated all the money to Animals Asia through the
    Swindon support group. He raised an amazing £540 for the bears. We also raised a
    further £210 from prints donated by David and Rachel Stribbling.

                                                       Bernie presents Jill with one of his cages


    A huge thank you to Bernie for donating these amazing cages which will help us to raise
    lots more money for the bears due to the visual impact that they make.

    After lots of fundraising ideas were exchanged and events lined up for the coming year
    we had a delicious dinner served up and then it was all round the camp fire for marsh
    mellows and stories enthusiastically performed by Matt Holland himself. 

                              Bernie and Sarah

                                   Warming Up


                                    The Conga


  • Sat

    AAF Swindon Support Group held an awareness day and collection outside Debenhams 
    with Moonie bear and raised a total of £265 from donations and merchandise sales. Many
    thanks to all the helpers and the support of the people of Swindon.



  • Sat

    AAF Swindon Support Group had a stand at the Swindon Old Town Festival where £165
    was raised with a teddy bear tombola. The stand even had a visit from Elvis and Moonie
    Bear braved the Bucking Bronco.



  • Sat
    Old Town Swindon

    The Swindon Support Group had an awareness stand at the Indian Mela with a teddy bear tombola and raised £170.  




  • Fri
    Lydiard Park Swindon

    Animals Asia Swindon Support Group held its 2nd 'Walk for Freedom' at Lydiard park where around 60 people braved the weather to take part in a 5k and 10k walk. 

    The walk was led by Paul Martin from TV's 'Flog it' with his family and 2 dogs. Paul
    is the AAF Ambassador for the Friends or Food campaign which concentrates on
    stopping the practice of dog and cat eating in China and Vietnam. 

    So far we have raised an amazing £6641.19 thanks to some very passionate fundraisers and generous sponsors and a huge thank you to all who came along and raised money for the bears,cats and dogs. 

                               Paul Martin and Moonie bear with walkers and dogs

           Walk organisers Roya, Lou, Karen and Sarah with Dave and Paul Martin with Bluebell




                Lisa Palmer and baby Harry's first walk 

                       Braydon Wack as Eddy

              Dayna May Irvin and Ashley Tonge


       Chris Young and Pat Cave 

         Nicky Vyvyan-Robinson and Lara Simpson


                                              Chris Williams and Claire Wilson complete the 10k


  • Mon
    Bombay Lounge swindon

    This October, Animals Asia UK held their annual roadshow with Jill Robinson MBE, founder and CEO of Animals Asia - in just one week, with the help of supporters, they raised over £57,000.

    The theme of this year’s roadshow was “Animal Welfare – an Asia's Emerging Revolution”
    and audiences across the country not only heard an update on bear bile farming from Jill
    but also learned more about Animals Asia’s very impressive new work helping draft new
    animal welfare regulations, how they are drawing attention to the plight of performance
    animals, their recent work with Chinese authorities on new dog regulation methods and how they are supporting the work of the ever- increasing numbers of local animal welfare groups.  

    On Monday, 4 October, after an interview with Radio Somerset, Jill arrived in Swindon and
    was joined Dave Neale, AAF's Animal Welfare Director, for their first roadshow event.

    Thanks to the generosity of its owner, Hanif Robbani, the event was held in Swindon’s
    Bombay Lounge restaurant. Hanif has supported the Swindon support group by hosting
    charity curry evenings on numerous occasions and now guests were treated to a delicious
    variety of vegetable curries. The event was packed out, with Hanif having to bring in extra
    chairs from his own home! With Jill and Dave introduced by Gill Maltby, our UK Director,
    the evening was a lovely opportunity for Jill to meet guests, including the very active Swindon support group. She was delighted to present Sarah and David Chilvers and the support group with a framed photo of “their” very own bear, Zebedee, named after Swindon’s “magic”  roundabout. The after-dinner auction was conducted by BBC Points West weather man, Richard Angwin, who skilfully managed to part many of the guests from their money in support of their work.
    The Swindon event raised £2250. 

         David Chilvers, Jill Robinson, Sarah Chilvers, Richard Angwin, Louise Wack, Braydon Wack, 

                                             Richard Angwin


                                       Hanif Robani

                                 Leon Moore with Jill and Dave

    To see more photos and read the article from the Link Magazine click here

  • Sun

    On Sunday 10th Oct Four Animals Asia Supporters put on their running shoes and took on
    the formidable hilly Swindon half marathon to raise money for the moon bears.

    Andrew - 1hr 51 mins
    Sarah - 3hrs 1 min
    Kate - 3hrs 1 min
    Audrey - 2hrs 5 mins

    After setting up a justgiving site they have raised  £1818 for Animals Asia Foundation

    Andrew Chilvers, Sarah Chilvers, Kate Whelan, Aud Vellender                 Sarah and Kate approaching the finishing line

                                                        We made It!!!!!!  

  • Sat

    Sonia Smith and Jackie Notman from Calne in Wiltshire kindly entertained us at a Halloween Party held to raise money for the bears. Sonia is a local author in supernatural local folklore and Jackie is a Feng Shui Home and Business Consultant and experienced dowser. Visit and  

    Sonia has been interested in witchcraft, local folklore, paranormal and all things esoteric for many years. She has written four books to date, and another one now in the pipeline. Sonia likes to explore the past with her audience, telling stories of a by gone age when superstitions were rife, and natural medicines were the only medicines available. The times when the witch, or wise woman, was held in esteem by the peoples. She also brings this up to modern times as the Old Religion, as it was called, has never died. Yes, there are still witches amongst you! She also likes to share stories of the paranormal. Ghosts, black dogs, witches, vampires, they are all there! Sonia likes the audience to participate. It can be quite surprising who has had a paranormal experience.

    Sonia is also a qualified hypnotherapist. Visit

    The evening raised £140 for the bears so a huge thank you to both of them.

  • Sun

                  Mark                     charlotte     Paul        Daryl          Shaun

    Mantra Tattoo Studio's in Cheltenham have kindly offered to have one of our moon bear collection cages to help raise money to rescue more bears from bear bile farms across Asia where they are cruelly milked for their bile for traditional chinese medicine.

    From years in a cage like this...............................     to being cared for at AAF bear sanctuaries

    Mark and the team have donated £120 of Tattoo Vouchers for their Mantra Studio so if you would like to bid for them on ebay please click below. The auction will start on Sunday 28th Nov and last for 10 days finishing on Wednesday 8th Dec. All money raised will go to the moon bears.

                                     CLICK HERE TO BID


    We are happy to announce that the winner of the Mantra Tattoo Vouchers was Carl Jackson who bid £90 which all goes to the bears. Many thanks to Mark and his team for donating this prize.