How we have helped

Swindon Support Group Bear Enrichment Programme 2011- 2013

Over the last 3 years our group has raised an amazing £14,188 which has been allocated to our special Bear Enrichment Fund.

This money has helped enrich the lives of the bears at the sanctuary in Vietnam by enabling us to purchase items and food that they need to stimulate and enhance their well being. Items such as hammocks, swings, climbing frames and toys.

Some of the items we have purchased…..

In 2010 we purchased 3 items of Vet Equipment for the China and Vietnam Sanctuary

A Digital Camera and Microscope Adaptor for Vietnam

A Digital Camera and Microscope Adaptor for Vietnam

This camera can take photos of cells under the microscope and then transfer them directly onto a computer. Cost £300.

Message from Vet Kirsty :

‘This is really useful for us, as it means we can then store images if we need to. This also means we can start a library of images of normal bear blood and tissue cells which can be used for reference, as there are not many publications to refer to for these cells for bears. In Vietnam much of the damage done to gall bladders and livers through bile extraction is only really evident once the tissues are looked at under the microscope, so this camera also allows us to show people this in presentations etc. It also allows us to send photos of cells that we are not sure about to experts for second opinions.’

2 Opthalmic Specialist Headsets and Hand Held Lens

2 Opthalmic Specialist Headsets and Hand Held Lens

We were able to purchase this equipment for both the China and Vietnam sanctuary at a cost of £3000.

Kirsty Said:

“The head set and lens allows us to look at the back of the eye very clearly – ie the retina and the optic nerve head. Getting a really good clear look at this part of the eye allows us to pick up changes which can help explain the blindness that we see in some of our bears. It also shows up certain conditions which can be clues to underlying nutritional deficiencies or infections. It can also clearly show early changes which can then be addressed before they deteriorate further. Another very very useful piece of equipment.
The bottom line really is THANKS – as always, we are blown away by the generosity of these people and really really do appreciate being able to have these things on site – we are very lucky.”

In 2009 we adopted and named our own moon bear Zebedee


Zebedee free from his dark dingy cage and enjoying his new life in the sanctuary

The Swindon Animals Asia Support Group raised £6000 which helped towards the rescue of Zebedee, a moon bear who had been kept in a dark dingy cage in a couples kitchen in Vietnam for 14 years. They sold his bile from their house until Animals Asia were able to confiscate him and take him to their sanctuary where he now lives a happy and free life with other rescued bears. Click here to read his full story.